Mornings until 10:30am


$3.95 ea • $21.95 half doz • $41.95 doz


Egg & Potato Empanada

Eggs, potato, cheese, salsa



Ham Empanada

Eggs, potato, cheese, salsa, ham



Spanish Chorizo Empanada

Eggs, potato, cheese, salsa, chorizo Español


Sausage Empanada

Eggs, potato, cheese, salsa, Italian sausage


TARTITAS (only on Broadway location)

Our Open Breakfast Empanadas

$5.45 ea


Rio Tartita

Spinach, feta cheese



Ham Tartita

Ham, mozzarella


Our potato bar made with eggs.

$3.95 portion / $36.95 whole (serves 8)

FACTURAS (only on Broadway location)

Our Croissants & Pastries

$1.99 ea • $10 half doz • $19 doz

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Main Menu

From 10:30am – Close

Empanada Gallega

$ 3.95 half portion • $ 6.49 portion • $ 44.95 whole (serves 8)

Weekly Special

Ask about this week’s flavor!




Tuna, red bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, parsley, olive oil and four-hour cooked tomato sauce.


$5.95 portion • $38.95 whole (serves 7)

Palermo Veggie

Zucchini, carrots,  red bell pepper, parmesan and mozzarella.


Spinach Classica

Spinach, parmesan and hard boiled eggs.


Special Mushroom

Button mushrooms, leeks, parsley and three-cheese blend. Earthy, elegant and addictive.

Spanish Tortillas

$5.95 portion • $38.95 whole (serves 7)


This is the traditional dish of Spain, made with sautéed potatoes, sweet onions, eggs, and olive oil.  GLUTEN FREE

*Goes great with our Carrot Salad! ($3.25 portion / Gluten Free)


$3.95 ea • $21.95 half doz • $41.95 doz

• COCKTAIL SIZE AVAILABLE (place your order 24 hours in advance) / $28.95 dozen 


Sweet corn, spices and cheese sauce


Vegan Veggie

Fresh mix of vegetables with home-made chimichurri


Beef Classico

Ground beef, peppers, eggs, olives



Sweet onions, ham, peppers, mozzarella


Chicken Classico

With peppers and eggs


Ham & Cheese

Mozzarella, ham



Tender seared steak, eggs, red peppers, green onions



Tuna, red bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, parsley, olive oil and four-hour cooked tomato sauce.



Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil



With béchamel sauce



With onions, garlic, and a blend of three cheeses

Sweet-Tooth Menu



Banana with melted hazelnut chocolate

$2.85 ea • $15.95 half doz • $28.95 doz


Pears in Marsala

Pears poached in marsala wine

$2.85 ea • $15.95 half doz • $28.95 doz


Alfajor de Maizena

Our version of the famous shortbread cookie with dulce de leche in the middle. Rolled in coconut.

$3.95 ea • Bag of mini Alfajorcitos $7.95


Alfajor de Chocolate

Rich and decadent dulce de leche alfajor enrobed in Belgian chocolate.

$4.99 ea


Dulce de Leche Roll Cake

Covered with chocolate or covered with coconut

$2.95 portion / $29.95 whole


Tarta Victoria

Our not -so-sweet ricotta cake. Perfect with coffee or tea.

$3.99 portion / $22.99 whole


Moscato Peach Cake

Our famous moist cake soaked in moscato wine with peaches and Chantilly cream.

$4.45 portion/ $33.45 serves 15



These salsas are the perfect add-on to all our dishes!

$0.45 each (buy a dozen/half dozen, get 2 free)

Asado Grill

Homemade with a chipotle blend.




The classic Argentine sauce



Green Onion Sour Cream

Sumptuous on our Spanish tortillas



Sweet Chili Mayo

Mild and creamy, try it on our chicken and veggie empanadas